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Greenfields redevelopment for residential land use

Conducted an assessment (for environmental Audit) of a former farm in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne prior to redevelopment of the site for residential land use. Contamination sources included: asbestos debris from sheds, pesticides concentrated at storage sheds, leakage from an underground petrol storage tank and an above ground diesel tank. The site was successfully remediated and redeveloped for residential use.

Soil remediation
Assessment and remediation of an active service station

An assessment was required for an active service station in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne. The assessment was triggered by a Clean Up Notice issued by EPA Victoria when diesel was noted in a nearby watercourse and the site was identified as the source. Soil and groundwater remediation works successfully removed free diesel from groundwater and a passive barrier was installed to strip dissolved phase diesel from groundwater prior to entering the watercourse. The Clean Up Notice was subsequently revoked.

Underground fuel storage tank
Remediation of industrial facility for residential redevelopment

An assessment (for environmental audit) was required prior to the rezoning of a former heavy engineering facility in the western suburbs of Melbourne to residential land use. Various contamination sources were identified onsite including underground fuel storage tanks, sub-floor engineering pits and chemical storage sheds. Remediation of contaminated soil and groundwater ensured successful rezoning.

Environmenal Consultant Melbourne

Soil vapour assessment of active industrial property

A soil vapour assessment was required for an active industrial property in western suburbs of Melbourne. The assessment was triggered by the identification of volatile organic contaminants in groundwater beneath the site above acceptable limits. The assessment was undertaken specifically to evaluate the immediate risk to site users in the current configuration of the site and to provide advice as to potential risks to residential land users should future rezoning be approved.

Landfill gas assessment
Landfill gas risk assessment within the buffer zone of an active landfill

A landfill gas risk assessment was required for a site undergoing an Environmental Audit, located in the immediate vicinity of an active landfill facility. Several landfill gas bores were installed onsite and sampling identified potential fugitive landfill gas in soil pores. These detectable gases were shown to be below applicable thresholds and the audit was successfully completed.

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